Below is a list of services that I am able to offer. Just click each of the titles to see more detail on each project type. You can close each project by clicking it again.

Project Management of Railway Related Projects

My time as the Project Manager of the S&C Renewals Contract for GrantRail has enabled me to develop my skills as a Project Manager. With responsibility for the planning and delivery of the renewals projects I was responsible for Stakeholder Management, producing Schedules, producing Costings, Training my team and managing their delivery of the projects.

Bid Management and Tender Writing

I have managed tenders for projects ranging in value from $1 million to over $1 billion. I have also acted as a Subject Matter Expert on numerous rail related tenders. I have experience in preparing methodologies, management plans, and working as part of the tender strategy team to develop win themes and key client touch points.

Industry Strategy and Analysis

My experience and understanding of the rail market, combined with my open approachable manner give me a unique capability to develop strategies and provide direction to your rail business.

Track Renewal Planning and Review

With my detailed understanding of track renewal projects and my extensive experience of preparing detail project schedules I am ideally suited to producing renewal schedules. Whether you need an overview of what is possible in a given time or a detailed hour by hour Gantt chart I have the knowledge required to devise such schedules.

Project Schedule Reviews (is the plan achievable)

You may need an expert eye to review a schedule being prepared by yourselves or your contractor. My experience at preparing schedules and my renewals knowledge enable me to make a realistic assessment of the practicality of the schedule.

Permanent Way Buildability Assessments, including scheme reviews

It is often useful to get some input into the feasibility of the project at an early stage, maybe before the contractor is involved. I have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the buildability, the potential sequence of installation or the staging of the works. These can be invaluable in ensuring the designers understand how the project will be built and what design stages may be required. Helping to save a lot of pain in the longer term.

Particular experience and expertise in Switches and Crossings renewal work

My experience with Network Rail’s East Midlands S&C Renewals Programme has given me extensive experience of S&C renewals and installation projects. Whether it is the initial possession schedule, or more detailed planning and managing of the renewal process I have the skills to ensure the work is performed on time to cost and to the right quality.

Improvement Facilitation in any area

More recently my interests and roles have taken me into the areas of improvement of existing processes. I spent 12 months working on Network Rail Modular S&C Project, devising new methods of renewing S&C in shorter possessions. I am also particularly good at identifying things that can be improved in almost any process. Just by asking why something is done a particular way can open up a whole host of opportunities to improve what and how things are done.

Asset Management Plan implementation and management

I have developed a detailed understanding of Network Rail’s requirements for the implementation of their Asset Management Plan. I have a detailed understanding the requirements of the document and how this effects the taking over process and responsibility for the management of the asset up to taking over.

Lean Perspective

I can help you identify how using the principles of Lean you can improve your business. Lean is a concept of business improvement based on Continuous Improvement and Respect for People. It is a way of thinking developed by manufacturing world leaders Toyota. I understand how this can be translated in to a railway environment and used to improve delivery, however, this is a gradual process. Lean is not a quick fix!

Coaching team members in Permanent Way Engineering and Planning

Historically I have demonstrated a strong interest in ensuring the staff I work with are given encouragement and training to develop their skills. I have supported them in their aspirations and provided them with mentoring.

Attention to detail

One of my distinguishing characteristics is an attention to detail. This is both in the planning and implementation phase of what I do. This helps to ensure there are no surprises lurking round the corner. I am frequently asked to check through documents and reports being prepared by colleagues. They use me to check the content, consistency and the tone of their work.

Ability to understand the customer’s perspective

In association with my understanding of Lean I have a strong ability to understand how the customer perceives the work being done for them. This enables me to build strong relationships with the customers I work with whilst ensuring my employers interests are being represented.