What should I discuss first when introducing people to Lean?

July 1, 2009

By Steve Johnson

I have just started doing a bit of an explanation of Lean with some colleagues and I am wondering what the first things to explain about Lean.
I started with an little about the history of Lean then went on to explain a little about the two pillars of Lean.
Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.
I am wondering what I should address at the next session?
Should I explain about customer value/expectations, or should I talk about waste? Or is there a more important topic to cover first?
I am trying to keep my little talks down to 10-15min sections at the end of a weekly team meeting and think that introducing it in small sections, with some examples from our everyday office environment will help to raise awareness amongst the team if nothing else.
Any feedback/ideas would be much appreciated.

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